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Conor Dufficy was a trainee barrister and the kind of a breath of fresh air who enters your life occasionally and restores your faith in humanity. An even-tempered man with a lilting Irish accent, Conor was astoundingly smart, ethical, and could see right through Standen. He recognized the Davey and Goliath battle. In a stroke of luck, he volunteered his time to help me. 

I had been put in touch with Conor through a charity called "Law Works". They help low-income people with volunteer lawyers to enter mediation. Later down the line Conor would attend my trial at the Royal Court of Justice and congratulate me when I won.

Mediation took place in mid-October 2008. Though I am not legally allowed to reveal details of the mediation, I can say it was not successful.

But I met a great new friend who inspired me to believe that there are good people around. For the universe has a habit of offering hope in the form of human angels just when you've thought all was lost.

Conor and the Law Works charity were human angels.