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Part 36 Offer

Later a "Part 36" offer was made. This is where the defendant(Standen) offers you an amount of money. The danger here is that if I went on to win the case I'd still have to pay my opponent's costs if the judgment amount was lower than his Part 36 offer. With Allen and Overys' fees somewhere around £1500 an hour per lawyer, a wrong guess could mean I won the moral victory but would be in debt for possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

Yes, you read it right. I could win yet be in debt for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Standen's offer was so low as to be laughable. But there are no definites in this game and the twists and turns of the rules could take you anywhere. There's an abundance of financial wizardry and tricks available to those with the money and resources.  As Standen was the only one with access to the full and detailed accounts, correspondence, and records, I was in no position to get a proper professional website valuation. So I was left to guess blindly in the dark and with the added pressure of the staggering penalty of a miscalculated guess.  

The perpetrator had all the balls in his court. 

The Part 36 blind choice is just another example of how the law is weighted toward those who game the system. Property is 9/10s of the law which favors those with power even if obtained unlawfully.