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The Smoking Gun

At the last minute and just days before the trial, my new lawyer Kovsky managed to wrestle a smoking gun document from Standen's accountant. In it, Standen admitted everything I'd said for the past three years.  

I stared at the black and white printout in front of me. Everything was there;-

The promise of a 1/3 lifetime ongoing share within an LLP.

The fact my share only allowed deductions for technical running costs. 

I couldn't have summed it up so succinctly myself. It took me three years to get to this point. I saw the death of my mother and the deterioration of my health.   I had to laugh, otherwise, I would cry. 

By law, this document should have been revealed earlier during the disclosure phase.  But not only did Standen fail to disclose it but his accountant also failed to do so when I made the request to them as a Litigant in person. This in itself is quite dubious and had I a more committed lawyer, they may have pushed for some kind of serious charge against my opponent and his accountant. I must admit I would've liked that. But I guess that's just something lawyers don't do when you're on a mere paupers CFA(Conditional Fee Arrangement). 

Hiring a No Win No Fee lawyer is sometimes like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The problem with these desperado deals is your lawyer has little interest in getting you the best outcome. Instead, it is in their interest to pressure you into a quick settlement. The goal for them is simple;

"How can we do the absolute least work for the largest possible payment in the shortest periods of time?"

Therefore the outcome would be poor. But more importantly, my lawyers didn't fight for my ongoing share...